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e Pehchan Card Download

e pehchan card download

ESIC e Pehchan Card

The earlier ESI card or ESIC card was a magnetic card, and it was issued to every insured person and dependent beneficiary in accordance with the ESIC Act in order to receive numerous ESIC benefits.

Now, it is called an e-pehchan card which is A4 Size paper with front and back print.

The ESIC Act of 1948 envisioned a social security programme that would safeguard labour interests.

ESI protects employees in situations such as illness, maternity, temporary or permanent physical disability, and death resulting from a work-related injury that results in wage loss or limited earning capacity.

About ESIC

Employees' State Insurance Corporation is what ESIC stands for.

It is an independent organization social security and health insurance programme for Indian employees.

It works in accordance with the norms and regulations defined by the ESI Act of 1948.

ESIC is an autonomous organisation that reports to the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India. ESIC is accessible through the ESIC portal.

The following organizations are required to register under the ESI Act:
  • Employing more than 10 or more than 20 people in a few states and union territories like Maharashtra and Chandigarh.
  • The maximum salary for its employees to get ESIC benefits is Rs 21,000.
  • Rs. 25,000 in case of employee is disabled.

This article will discuss various aspects of the ESIC card, ESI card, and E-pehchan card.

These are alternative names for the identical ESI card. A valid ESI card is required to receive benefits under the ESIC Act of 1948.

In this article, we will go over in detail the following ESIC card-related topics:

What is the E-Pehchan Card or ESI Card?

The ESI card is a health certificate issued to the insured individual / worker / employee enrolled in the ESI programme.

By presenting their ESI card or E-Pehchan card, ESI-covered employees can receive medical and illness benefits at ESI network Hospitals and Dispensaries.

Under the ESI programme, medical insurance coverage is granted for the insured person/beneficiaries and their dependent family members.

The ESI card was a magnetic smart identity card issued to all employees enrolled in the ESI programme.

Now, A4 Paper size E-Pehchan cards are issued to beneficiaries.

The insured must present a physical E-Pehchan card for using medical services of the Dispensary and Hospital.

When the insured's dependents' family members reside in another city or district, they can access medical facilities and benefits under the ESI programme at ESI hospitals.

They will be issued another E-pehchan card with their mentioned local dispensary.

In accordance with the ESI Act of 1948, the ESI E-pehchan card is required to access various medical benefits.

ESIC e Pehchan Card Information

ESIC pehchan card contains all information relevant to an insured individual.

ESI card contains numerous details, including name, father's name, insurance number, and complete address.

These details are provided during ESIC registration on the ESIC portal.

It also includes a photograph of the insured along with biometric information such as fingerprints.

The picture and biometrics of family members are included on their respective pehchan cards.

Advantages and Features of the ESI Card or Pehchan Card

Each employee is issued one ESIC card. This e-pehchan card is valid for a lifetime.

The insured person does not need to apply for a new card if they join a different company.

Your new employer will issue you an E-pehchan card. You can now download an e-pehchan card.

One of the most significant advantages of enrolling in the ESIC is that it enables insured customers to take advantage of seamless ESIC medical benefits across the network of ESIC hospitals and dispensaries.

The ESIC e-pehchan card is a Xerox paper-size card that stores a person's entire medical history.

This is particularly useful for future treatment at an ESIC-affiliated hospital.

Possession of an ESIC pehchan card is required to receive various ESIC benefits, such as medical and illness benefits, disability benefits, maternity benefits, unemployment benefits, etc.

The E pehchan card is secured, so the insured need not fear its misuse. This card is protected by biometric verification of the cardholder

The beneficiaries need Aadhar Card while presenting this card at Dispensary and hospital for registration.

To seamlessly update ESIC employee contribution information, the insured must register on the ESIC portal.

An insured can modify his own confidential information, such as his mobile phone number.

It can be updated by logging into the ESIC portal or informing the employer to do so.

A physical replica of the ESIC e Pehchan card must be presented when receiving medical care in hospitals.

How to download  e Pehchan Card

Under the ESIC Act of 1948, obtaining an ESI card is a prerequisite for participating in various medical plans.

  • visit
  • Scroll Home page, you will see Insured Person/Beneficiary.
  • Click Insured Person/Beneficiary, A Pop up on the top showing message "You will be redirected to insured person/Beneficiary Port"
  • Click OK, and you will redirected to Employee Login.
  • To download an ESIC e pehchan card from the ESIC website, you have to follow these steps.
  • You have to enter your ESIC Insurance Number in First Box.
  • In the second box, please provide the date of your birth.
  • Enter your ESIC registered mobile number in the Mobile number option
  • Now enter Captcha correctly in the box provided for entry
  • Now Click the Sign-Up Button
  • You will have to send 6 digit OTP by ESIC
  • Enter OTP in the provided box
  • Now It will provide a box to create New Password
  • Enter your easy-to-remember Password in the "Enter New Password" box.
  • Also, type same new Password in the "Confirm New Password" box.
  • Your password will be updated or created successfully.
  • Now login by pressing Click Here.
  • Again You will be redirected to Employee Login Page.
  • Type of Your ESIC Insurance or IP Number
  • Enter your password you have generated
  • type Captcha in Captcha box
  • Now Click Login Button
  • Your ESIC Profile page will be opened
  • Scroll down, you will see Insured Person box.
  • In the bottom you will see View/Print e-Pehchan Card
  • Click this option, a new page showing Employee name, Employer Name Employer Code and View/Print e-Pehchan Card
  • Click View/Print e-Pehchan Card Again a new page with Employee details will open having all the information about employee
  • Scroll down of this page, you will see Download/Print Button
  • Click Download/print button, Counter Foil Page will be downloaded,
  • Actually it is your E- pehchan card, click to open.
  • Before using it to get various benefits you have to fulfill some criteria
  • Now you have to Put your signature or Left Thumb Impression in the space provided
  • In second box, Photos of all the beneficiaries should be affixed here.
  • Signature and Stamp should be taken from company or ESIC Office.
  • It would be easy for you to be signed and stamped it by company.

Tips on ESIC Card

It is necessary for an employee to inform their new employer of their previous ESIC card information.

The most essential information on the ESI card would be the ESI registration number.

It is not necessary for an employee to enrol for a new ESIC card if they change jobs. The old e-pehchan card would allow for benefit access.

The new employer must pay his ESIC employee contribution using the same ESIC card number.

If an employee wishes to receive the various services and benefits provided by ESIC. Accordingly, an ESIC card is a requirement for this.

FAQ : e Pehchan Card Download

Who entitles for an ESI card?

The monthly salary of the employee or worker should not exceed Rs. 21,000, and Rs. 25,000 for persons with disabilities.

How to Obtain an ESIC Card?

This is done by visiting, the organization's official website.

Is ESIC mandatory for all workers?

Definitely, it is mandatory for all employees.

What is the primary function of the ESIC Card?

It offers Unemployment Benefits, Dependent Benefits, Disability Benefits, Maternity, Illness, and Medical Benefits.

What is the maximum salary for ESI?

It is 21,000 rupees per month.

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