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EISC Number Search by Aadhar Card

ESIC Number Search by Aadhar Number

It is not possible to find your ESIC number online by using your Aadhar card if you are an employee who has forgotten their ESIC IP number. 

If this is the case, there are only two methods for finding your ESIC IP number: the first is to ask your employer, and the second is to go to the ESIC branch office that represents your region.

But, ESIC numbers are sometimes displayed on employee pay-slips; therefore, you should initially check your pay-slips in the hope that you will find the number there.

If your ESI IP number is not included on your paystub, you need to get in touch with either your employer or the ESIC office as soon as possible.


Even While My Aadhar Card Is Connected To My ESI Account, I Couldn't Locate My ESI Number Where Can I Search?

That is not possible because ESIC has not given any method similar to PF that can check an insured person's forgotten ESIC number by using that person's Aadhar number.

However keep in mind that if you have your ESIC number, you can link it with your Aadhar number; but, if you don't have your ESI number, we aren't able to help you in any way.

Who Should I Contact First, My Employer or the ESIC Office, in Order to Get My ESIC Number?

You should give priority to receiving your ESIC IP number from your employer because they have complete data on employees who are contributing to ESIC.

By checking their database, provide you with your ESIC number in a matter of minutes.

It is relatively simple for employers to find your ESI number; thus, you should always give first preference to your employer.

And it is the responsibility of each and every employer, regardless of whether the employees are still working for the company or have resigned, to help their employees in times of need in regard to EPF and ESI.

Even if you go to the ESIC branch office in your town, you will still be required to go to your place of employment in order to obtain your ESI number.

If you aren't able to receive support from your employer in any way, you are the sole person who needs to go to the ESIC branch office.

Finally, if you are participating in the ESIC scheme, it is your responsibility to make a note of your ESIC IP number.

Get an ESIC e-Pehchan card, ensure that your family members are current participants in the ESIC scheme, and verify whether or not the relevant ESIC dispensary is listed.

If you complete all of these things, you will not have any problems in the future with ESIC, even if you quit or change your current job.

This is because if you do all of these things.

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