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ESIC Employer Login


ESIC Login Employer

What is ESIC?

Some of them are contributory systems where payments are made by employers and workers.

The Employees' State Insurance Corporation, referred to as ESIC, is an autonomous body developed by the ESI Act under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India.

It aims to offer monetary protection to members and their dependents covered under the scheme.

The ESI, or Employees' State Insurance system, handled by the ESIC, is a system designed to offer social security to workers, as defined in the ESI Act 1948.

In case of sickness, maternal or injury during work.

It qualifies them for a host of medical, maternity, and unemployment benefits, as well as disablement allocation advantages.

What is the eligibility for the ESIC?

Employers: ESIC enrollment is necessary for all organizations with a labor force consisting of more than 10 staff members.

Employee: To avail of these solutions as well as the benefits provided by the ESIC, a person ought to meet certain criteria, set by the committee. 

The system applies to

  • A worker, employed in a non-seasonal factory with a stamina of more than 10 workers.
  • The wage restriction for workers has actually been set at Rs. 21,000 (Rs. 25,000 in case of disabled), to be eligible for the ESI system.

The entities covered in this plan consist of dining establishments, resorts, shops, newspaper establishments, movie theaters, including preview theaters, as well as roadway electric motor transport tasks.

The ESIC also added the Employee State Insurance plan benefits for workers deployed at building and construction sites positioned in the executed locations under the ESI Scheme.


The benefits of ESIC are that, besides the complete clinical coverage for self as well as dependents, the insured is entitled to different advantages in times of physical distress due to sickness, job-related threats, or death.

After that, the dependents will be entitled to a monthly pension if the insured person loses his ability to earn because of some employment injury.

ESIC employer login process

Through the stipulation of ESIC Employer Login on the ESIC portal, contributions to the system can be made online.

The ESIC scheme is focused on ensuring social security for the workers operating in the organized field and provides them with financial backing during clinical emergency situations that can impact their revenue as well as financial resources.

Keep reading to understand the ESIC employer login and also the ESIC worker login, as well as the enrollment procedure and related information concerning the ESIC scheme.

The ESIC employer login is readily available for all employers who have actually signed up on the ESIC website.

Employers are initially required to sign up on the ESIC site.

Let us take a look at the different steps that are required to be performed for ESIC login.

  • Check out the main ESIC site : as well as the "Employer Login" on the web page.
  • A new page will be displayed to you which is login page. Now you have to enter User Name, Password and Captcha.
  • Your user name is Employer Code. After entering all required details, you will be redirected to your profile page. 
  • The employer's site provides facility to submit the information pertaining to the 
  1. Details of staff members,
  2. Details of their family members, 
  3. House address of all the members, and
  4. The clinic from where he/she is already receiving clinical treatment or would love to receive it in the future.
  • Now, you will certainly be asked to pay an ESIC breakthrough contribution under ESIC guidelines.
  • An employer who is signed up under ESIC is required to pay in advance for six months of ESIC payment.

Upon effective enrollment on the ESIC portal, ESIC will send a registration letter (C-11) to the signed up address of the employer registered with ESIC.

The ESIC registration certificate would certainly consist of a 17-digit unique number for ESIC employer contribution.

Papers required for the ESIC plan.

The records listed below are required to obtain the ESIC Schemes:

  • Registration Certificate obtained under the Factories Act or Establishment and also the Shops Act.
  • Registration Certificate in the case of a firm, as well as partnership deed in the case of a company.
  • Address proof of the establishment.
  • Memorandum of organization and also articles of organization of the business.
  • List of all employees as well as their payment details.
  • A cancelled cheque for the savings account of the business.
  • List of investors.
  • PAN card of business.
  • Attendance list of all the staff members.

A few of the advantages that can be availed by employers via ESIC are as complies with.

  • Employers who are covered under the ESI system are exempted from the Maternity Advantage Act and Employees' Compensation Act for staff members.
  • Employers are not responsible for the physical distress of workers, such as employment injuries, physical disablement causing loss of income, and so on. Since the financial aid in such situations is supplied by the ESIC for guaranteed employees, this is.
  • Any amount paid under the ESI Act is deductible for calculating "income" for the purposes of the Income Tax Act.

ESIC Payment.

Both staff members and employers need to contribute to ESIC.

Both ESIC worker contribution as well as ESIC employer contribution rates are upgraded from time to time as well as stand as complied with at the time of creating this article on ESIC login.

ESIC Employer contribution


ESIC Members contribution


In this write-up, we have actually checked into various steps and also files needed for ESIC employer login registration.

You can see our in-depth web page on ESIC if you want to review further articles on ESIC.

What services are used by the ESIC portal?

The ESIC portal supplies a wide variety of services which are classified extensively into 2 parts, which are Services for Employers as well as Services for Employees.

Services for Employers: The services provided under this group consist of the following for employers:

Employer Portal:

Using the employer portal, the employer can timely upgrade the employee information, preserve a wage contributing record, reply for absence verification, and so on.

- Shram Suvidha Portal: 

This website enables the organization to fulfill all the labor regulations that apply to it.

Compliance can be reported via a solitary kind, which makes it basic for those submitting such forms.

There are vital indicators to keep an eye on efficiency, thus making analysis more objective in nature.

The solutions given under this category consist of the following for employees:

- IP Portal: 

The insured person can log right into the IP website

They can establish the information of payment paid on their part, inspect their privileges to different advantages, etc. 

- Tie-up medical facilities: 

ESI recipients can visit or can even be referred to tie-up health centers for any kind of medical demand, including emergency as well as non-emergency solutions.

Amid Covid-19 ESIC has actually enabled the insured to make use of clinical centers to tie-up healthcare facilities.

And also exclusive chemists, as much of its medical facilities have actually been converted into Covid-19 committed medical facilities.

- Scale of medical benefits: 

The range of medical benefits informs the insured individuals as well as their relatives regarding the recommended standards adhering to which they can avail the clinical advantages.

ESIC Scheme Benefits and Features of all the Scheme

The benefits under the Employee State Insurance system, which is a self-financing system, are identified into 2 classifications:

  • Cash benefits covering sickness, maternity, disablement (momentary as well as permanent), funeral service expenses, as well as trade rehab.
  • Non-cash advantages through medical care.

Mentioned below are the advantages as well as highlights of the ESI system:.

Clinical advantage.

The medical expenses of an insured person as well as their immediate family members are covered from the first day of employment.

Sickness benefits

The beneficiary can get 70% of earnings as a cash payment during the period of licensed health issues for a maximum of 91 days annually.

To be qualified for this benefit, the employee should contribute for 78 days in a contribution duration of six months.

Pregnancy advantage.

Under the system, a worker as an ESIC participant can avail full wage under pregnancy advantage for 26 weeks.

It is extendable by a further one month on clinical suggestion, subject to a 70-day contribution period in each of the two previous contribution periods.

Disablement benefit.

During short-lived disablement, an employee can make use of 90% of the wage until the special needs continue.

In the case of permanent disability, one is eligible to obtain 90% of the regular monthly wage, based on the degree of loss of earning ability as accredited by the medical board.

Joblessness allowance.

Under the system, workers that become unemployed because of the -

  • closure of a manufacturing facility or 
  • establishment, retrenchment, or
  • long-term invalidity 

They all are qualified for an allocation of 50% of their wages for a maximum period of two years.

Dependent's advantage.

The dependents of the guaranteed individual under the plan get financial assistance in the form of a month-to-month settlement of 90% of their wage in the event of a fatality due to injuries or job-related hazards.

Various other benefits.

- Funeral costs: 

The system covers funeral costs approximately Rs 15,000, payable to the dependents or the individual carrying out the last ceremonies of the guaranteed.

- Confinement expenses: 

The plan covers costs in case confinement at a location where important clinical services under the system are not offered.

- Vocational recovery (VR): 

The benefit is offered for insured people that are permanently disabled for undertaking VR training.

- Physical rehab: 

The plan supplies this benefit for people with physical disablement due to employment injury.

- Old-age medical care: 

The advantage is offered for an insured individual at the time of retirement or under VRS (Voluntary Retirement Scheme)/ Employees' Retirement System (ERS), or if the person has to leave employment due to long-term handicap.

FAQ : ESIC Login for Employer

How can I obtain my ESIC number?

As soon as the employer submits details of the respective workers, the ESIC concerns a smart card.

The ESI Card or Pehchan Card is an identity card, which allows an individual to get ESI system advantages at empanelled healthcare facilities and also dispensaries.

The special ESI insurance coverage number or ESIC number is discussed on this card.

Exactly how can I download my ESIC card?

To download the ESIC card, go to the 'Employee' section on the ESIC worker website and click on 'e-Pehchan Card'.

How is the ESI system funded?

The ESI system is a self-financing scheme.

The funds are mostly produced from by the employers and employees, payable monthly as per a fixed percent of the wages.

The state government bears 1/8th share of the prices of medical advantages.

With the stipulation of ESIC Employer login on the ESIC website, the contributions to the scheme can be made online.

Read on to comprehend the ESIC employer login and also ESIC worker login, and registration process as well as related details about the ESIC plan.

ESIC employer login is offered for all the employers who have registered on ESIC portal.

An employer who is registered under ESIC, require to pay advancement for 6 months of ESIC payment article ESIC login.

Upon effective enrollment on ESIC website, ESIC would certainly send out enrollment letter (C-11) on signed up address of the employer signed up with ESIC.

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