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ESIC Hospital Indore | ESIC Hospital in Indore

About ESIC Indore Hospital

ESIC Hospital, Indore, is a trusted name in health care and other benefits.

ESIC Hospital in Indore is one of the best ESIC hospitals, with a vision to offer the best to registered employees (Insured employees) and their dependent family members.

It provides the best patient care and is equipped with technologically advanced healthcare facilities.

ESIC Indore Hospital is a boon for the employees who are registered with ESIC. 

ESIC Hospital Indore collects a small fee from IPs (insured persons) in order to provide health care and other benefits to employees and their dependent family members.

It is also called ESIS Hospital Indore and provides five benefits to insured people:

  • medical benefits, 
  • handicap benefits,
  • family benefits,
  • maternity benefits, and
  • disease benefits.

Its industries employ large numbers of employees for many types of work and functions.

Keeping the need to provide these employees with health-related services in mind, ESI Hospital Indore was established.

Registered employees Indore and nearby cities are getting benefits from ESIC schemes, these are :-

  • Around 22,000 employees of 1,100 educational institutions,
  • 11,000 employees of medical institutions,
  • 10,600 employees of Pithampur Industrial Area, and
  • 3,100 employees of Rewa Municipal Corporation

Around 1,200 employees of Maxi, 2,600 employees at Ghatabillod, 330 employees at Lasudia, and other places are also visit to get health care and other schemes provided by ESI Hospital Indore.

Location and View

ESIC Hospital Indore is located at Panchdeep Bhawan, Nanda Nagar, INDORE - 452011. 

This hospital is accessible by a number of modes of transportation. You can visit ESIC Hospital Indore by Personal vehicles (Bike, Car, and Bicycle), Auto, Bus Train, etc.

A group of well-trained medical professionals, non-medical staff, and expert clinical technicians provide various healthcare services around the clock.

They have doctors and specialists who are trained and skilled enough to handle different kinds of medical cases.

ESIC Hospital Indore Contact Number

Name of Hospital

ESIC Model Hospital Indore



ESIC Hospital Indore Address

1378/11, Near ITI College, Main Road, Panchdeep Bhawan, Nanda Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452011

Phone No.

0731- 2557656, 2559080, 2556153, 2550485, 2551801, 2551444


ESIC Hospital Indore OPD Registration

Registration (Monday to Friday)

8:30 am to 2 pm

Registration (Saturday)

8:30 am to 12:30 pm

OPD (Monday to Friday)

9 am to 4 pm

OPD (Saturday)

9 am to 2 pm





ESIC Hospital Indore OPD Department

General Physician

General Medicine

General Surgery


OBG & Gynecology




TB & Chest




Orthopaedics Surgery



Anaesthesiology (OT)




Blood Bank

Medical Gastro Enterology

Ayurveda, Homeopathy

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